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The design of the courtyard of a private house: original ideas that everyone will like (24 photos)


Owners of the private sector, both within the city and far beyond the megalopolis, need to take care not only of coziness and comfort in the house, but also make a well-kept and beautiful courtyard. For a villager, his yard is a "calling card", demonstrating the taste, style, status, level of diligence of all inhabitants of the home. Rural people are worried about how their yard, garden, garden, and other properties adjacent to the house look from the side.



Future plans

A modern courtyard in a village or in a city should not only be clean and tidy, but also skillfully stylized, consisting of important structural elements that solve certain problems.

The landscape design of the yard of a private house will primarily depend on its size. A large territory allows you to implement most of the ideas, without actually denying yourself anything. The only obstacle to the creation of the "yard of your dreams" can be a financial component.

Forged gazebos, luxurious pools, artificial ponds, and other respectable design options cost a lot of money. However, a creative approach can solve some problems even in this situation.

The design of a private courtyard, no matter how surprising it may sound, depends largely on the climatic features of the region. Weather conditions and the duration of the warm period determine the degree and quality of landscaping the site.

The moisture level, the average temperature in summer, the frequency of rain, the characteristics of the region associated with any natural disasters (for example, an anomalously dry area, frequent rainfall, thunderstorms, storms) affect the plants and the appearance of the yards in general. In addition, the duration of construction work depends on how long the weather is good outside. If construction of decorative elements and structures of an economic profile is planned on the site, it is important to take into account how much time it may take to implement ideas and whether the weather will allow time to do everything on time.



Architectural features of the house

Arrangement of the courtyard and the house with your own hands is troublesome, but fascinating. No matter how crazy or extraordinary the ideas of design, it is important to take into account the architectural features of the house, the stylistic characteristics of the facade, relating all the data to the actual size of the site.

For a small courtyard is better to think about the landscape decoration, emphasizing the architectural features of the house. If the site is quite large, the whole territory can be divided into zones, each of which is individually designed.

Do not abuse the decor. Too many details, a jumble of designs, colorful and ridiculous elements will make the design of a small courtyard tasteless, vulgar, ridiculous.

Any beautiful design of the courtyard of a private house should still be shaped according to the needs of all those who live in the house. The number of households, the type of activity of each of them and the specific requirements for the adjacent territory play a role.

It is necessary to clarify the following points:

  • Will the plot or any part of it be used as a vegetable garden;
  • In what form will the landscaping of the courtyard be presented, is a large flowerbed planned?
  • What household facilities will be on the plot;
  • Whether the construction of a bath with a pool, a gazebo is planned, whether the location is necessary for a brazier, other similar objects.

Considering all the nuances, even the smallest territory must be differentiated, highlighting several functional zones. Usually it is a terrace and a gazebo, a summer kitchen with a place for eating in the open air, a playground, various decorative elements.




Garden paths are a favorite attribute of all designers. It’s a real pleasure to turn a functional element into a subject of stylish original decor.

The main mission of the pavement on the site is to organize the safety of movement in the territory of nearby houses, as well as to refine the site as a whole. The most popular materials from which make spectacular paths and sidewalks:

  • Flat stones;
  • Concrete plates;
  • Brick;
  • Cobblestone;
  • Gravel or pebbles that fill the preformed pavement.

Individual landscape design requires strict geometry for sidewalks and garden paths. This does not mean that only perfect lines or strict proportions are permissible on the site. The harmony of all the details is important, because the tracks often play the role of such binding attributes.



Green "islands"

Few people think, but it is the greenery on the site that forms the whole mood, gives its unique flavor and coziness to the home space. Each hostess is free to choose plants for the yard. You can create flower beds in a classic form or experiment with the volume, colors, style.

However, there are a number of special recommendations that should not be neglected. The fact that climate influences the beauty of flowerbeds and green “islands” has already been stipulated, so the whims of nature should be taken into account.




Everything, inspired by the ideas of making your yard the most beautiful, should be aware of the fact that absolutely all the flowers on the site should not bloom all at once. Otherwise, for 1-2 months the yard will be fragrant and delight the eye with bright colors, and the rest of the time (and this is quite a long period) will either prepare for flowering or slowly wither.

It is better if the flowering of several varieties of plants will smoothly give way to the charm and fragrance of other household flowers, and so several cycles.



Fountains, cascades and not only

Landscape design is only considered incredibly spectacular and stylish if there are elements of decor with water on the site. And this is not about huge pools or large artificial ponds where fish splash.



Japanese masters believe that water as a symbol of one of the most powerful elements has a special mental power, capable of energetically strengthening the place where it is located at the moment.



If you can not make a small pond or fountain with water, you can always give preference to tiny counterparts. Instead of attracting specialists, carrying out all the necessary communications, and adjusting the environment to a water cascade or swimming pool, you can buy a ready-made mini-fountain.



So that it does not look lonely or inappropriate against the background of other elements of landscape design, they decorate a new attribute at their discretion, for example, place flowerpots with flowers, form alpine slides with large boulders, decorate the space with cute garden figurines. Funny frog definitely revive the situation.