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Replacing the facades on the kitchen set


Replacing kitchen fronts sooner or later many people are puzzled. The reasons for this activity can find weight: from the lack of funds to buy a new headset to these "game designs." Perhaps requires replacing glazing facades, or want to update the countertops. And if you are already firmly entrenched in the thought of making changes to the most "tasty" room in the house, we suggest you to get acquainted with the options of materials that are optimally suitable for kitchen sets.




Professional tools

There are several materials that can breathe new life into a new set of furniture for the dining room or kitchen.

The most cost-effective solution is considered to replace the outdated facade of the headset with wear-resistant chipboard. Quite common material is MDF. Its use when replacing kitchen furniture is relevant in a situation where there is a need to order facades from solid natural wood, but there is no possibility.

Also, the main and auxiliary means of self-expression often include:

  • Modern plastic;
  • Photo printing;
  • Paint, varnish;
  • Decorative glass.

As for replacing the glazing without changing the façade of the kitchen unit, the work in this case will be the most economical and short-lived. And your intervention in the production process will be minimal. You only need to choose the type of glazing - with abstract patterns or thematic drawings, transparent or semi-gloss, corrugated or not. In any scenario of replacing facades on the kitchen set, blanks are supplied in standard sizes. If you are ready to spend a little more money and, if you have a non-template set of furniture, you can order individual sizes.

Advantages and results of replacing facades

Before and after replacing facades, only one thing does not change - the functionality of the kitchen set. If there is a need, then it can be raised to a new level. In the rest, the performance exceeds the highest expectations:

  • The original update has lost the attractiveness of the doors and countertops;
  • Improving stylistic design;
  • Improvement of operation through closers;
  • Improving the aesthetic index with moldings, wall apron, milling and other.

Turning to professionals who have an impressive and interesting experience in the field of façade replacement, you guarantee not only the absolute efficiency of using a kitchen set, but also the highest class of artistic performance at a reasonable price. At the end of all the work, only you and the cat will know that the kitchen is not at all new, but restored.



The cost of replacing the facades of the kitchen will directly depend on the selected leading and assisting materials. The main and defining property is absolute harmony with the design of the case. When performing the restoration, the total cost estimate may include:

  1. Chipboard plates. The material is environmentally safe and extremely pleasant in appearance. Service life is about 10 years.
  2. MDF. Attractive and serious. Will serve at least 7 years faithfully. It is an alternative to chipboard.
  3. Photo printing with a glossy or matte effect. Such facades are easy to clean and extremely resistant to external influences.
  4. Plastic. It was invented (and is still relevant) due to its unsurpassed durability and tolerance to everything that happens around.
  5. Glass or plexiglass. The latter option is more attractive if the house is inhabited by children who are not very careful with new and fragile furniture or use eerie atavism in the form of a slingshot as entertainment. The service life of both materials tends to infinity.
  6. Paint, varnish, protective coating. Handles and fittings. Side panels and plinths. Eaves, rails and lighting. Decorations and decorative elements ... It all depends on the imagination and the financial situation of the customer. Everything, as they say, is active and agile. There is imagination and there is money - for health! You can build a real gastrodvorets when replacing the facades of the kitchen. But the cost in this case will grow.

Any material, as a rule, is replete with color variations: from exquisite imitation of marble and brickwork to standard wood shades and monophonic versions. If you just restrict yourself to replacing kitchen fronts without glazing, the total amount of all work will definitely be within reasonable limits. It is possible that it will be necessary to buy and install a new car wash or to squeeze in some other functional objects into the situation, then the cost will rise. As a rule, the final price for the replacement of facades is formed after the fact and is fully controlled and accountable to the client. Pre-planning design will help to introduce certainty in financial policy. Feedback from specialists is a guarantee of a comfortable price for the replacement of facades on a kitchen set.



Additional recommendations when replacing kitchen fronts

Choosing the appropriate type of design, it is necessary to take into account such an unsightly feature as your own laziness. If you do not like to wipe every half hour, as it seems, the heated kitchen facades with glazing, the appearance of which you have attended to after the replacement, then it is better to choose high-class materials that are protected from moisture. And the best are those who also perfectly tolerate cleaning with abrasives and other household chemicals. Such patient "guys" are kitchen fronts with a special protective coating. The following is enough wet cleaning:

  • Slabs of chipboard and MDF;
  • Glass liners;
  • Self-adhesive film.

Lacquered and laminated surfaces need care with a dry cloth. Solid wood constructions are the most delicate material. If you have chosen to replace just such a facade of the headset, in relation to it, cleaning care is required in the form of cleaning with a soft cloth with special non-chlorine special products. We hope that these simple recommendations will help to increase the term of active operation of the updated kitchen and your joy from the pleasant changes in the interior.