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Kitchen design 9 square. m: a symbiosis of functionality and comfort (59 photos)


With the arrangement of the kitchen 9 square meters. It is possible to realize the bold ideas of design, rationally using the potential of space. Here the set of light shades of laconic execution is appropriate. Surfaces with a reflective effect are preferred, visual accents in the form of bright accessories are relevant.






How to organize a kitchen space of 9 square meters. m

Layout kitchen 9 square. m is carried out taking into account design factors.

Room shape

In the interior of a square configuration, you can apply a U-shaped set or corner furniture. At arrangement of the room of the extended form linear models and L-shaped designs are actual. Design corner kitchen 9 square. m involves the use of non-standard solutions.





Dimensional features

High ceilings in the kitchen of 9 square meters. m allow you to install spacious wall cabinets without compromising the harmony of the visual perception of space. If there is a niche in the wall, you need to choose a furniture module or equipment of suitable sizes.






Door and window specifications

When organizing a kitchen area, the location of the door and the way it is opened is taken into account. From the characteristics of the window depends on the level of natural light of the room. If the window faces north, an exceptionally light range of warm tonality is used in the interior of the kitchen. The working surface is provided with spotlights, headset compartments are equipped with LED backlight. In the design of the ceiling, a central lighting chandelier is complemented by directional lighting devices.







To ensure high functionality and proper comfort in the arrangement of the interior, it is necessary to choose equipment and furniture of the appropriate design. The geometry of the headset, ways of placing furniture modules and technology depend on the shape of the room.

Rectangular kitchen design

Kitchen 9 square. m elongated configuration most often equipped with L-shaped headset. At the same time the ergonomic working triangle is provided. A distance of at least 30 cm is maintained between the hob and the sink. The refrigerator can be installed between the modules or near the wall near the stove and sink.










Beautiful kitchen of 9 square meters

The configuration of the room allows in the organization of space to use any type of headset. If you are satisfied with the construction of a small functionality, you can restrict yourself to a compact linear model. In this case, housewives use the dining table as an additional workplace, if there is a shortage of surface. The kitchen corner will perfectly fit into the space near the window of a square kitchen of 9 meters.

In the case of an L-shaped headset, you can use part of the wall with a window, replacing the window sill countertop. Or, on the contrary, near the light opening to organize a dining area with a bar, and furniture set in the corner space opposite to the window.




Interior design kitchen 9 square. m irregular geometry

The presence of various niches and protrusions on the surface of the walls provides for planning with the use of non-standard solutions. To efficiently use the usable area, choose modules with compact dimensions. If the characteristics of the area allow, you can apply one of the following solutions:

  • 9 sq. kitchen m with a sofa in a niche;
  • a bar that fits perfectly into the space of irregular geometry;
  • wardrobe for kitchen utensils and household appliances, which is built into the niche;
  • 9 sq. kitchen m with a fridge in a niche.

When arranging a corner kitchen 9 square meters. m problem area should not be equipped with a washing machine or refrigerator. Stylists recommend using a built-in headset in the interior and organizing a sink in the corner of the structure. Choose a trapezoid curbstone under the sink and a wall cabinet of a similar design.






Kitchen design ideas 9 sq. M. m: what to choose interior style

In the design of rooms with a small area, ergonomic designs, concise forms, restrained colors are relevant. Lush reliefs and pomp are not appropriate here. At the same time, the priority is elegant lines, noble shades, small accents in the decoration of ceilings and walls. The facades of cabinets for a small kitchen are designed in the form of radial geometries, in which sharp corners are excluded.

At arrangement of space of kitchen the following interior directions are demanded:

  • modern design styles;
  • retro style.






Modern kitchen design 9 square meters. m suggests:

  • plain wallpaper, apron of polymer panels or tiles of a concise design. The shade of the wall coverings is somewhat lighter than the color of the furniture;
  • in the design of kitchen ceilings 9 square meters. m. relevant stretch canvas with a glossy effect, suspended structures of mirror panels, PVC tile;
  • functional set with a minimum of decor. Elegant facades with translucent doors, floor cabinets with built-in furniture.

If the window faces south, fresh shades are preferred in the palette. In the interior with a window to the north, the colors of a warm gamut are relevant. Fans of contrasting combinations will appreciate the 9-square-meter black and white kitchen. m, in the design of which it is necessary to observe the proportions with a predominance of white.

When making a cozy kitchen in retro style wallpaper is used with a small pattern. The design is relevant to wooden surfaces, simple lines, simple shapes. The functionality of the furniture depends on the idea of ​​filling, the visually compact module can have an excellent capacity. It is necessary to equip the place of a meal in the retro kitchen in the form of a comfortable zone with a stylized sofa.




To ensure the ergonomics and functionality of the kitchen space, use the following recommendations:

  • To save usable space, choose a kitchen set of 9 square meters. m with tall wall cabinets to the ceiling;
  • it is necessary to give preference to built-in furniture or compact modular designs;
  • make a choice in favor of built-in appliances and multifunctional electrical appliances;
  • actual placement of a chandelier central lighting over the dining table. In the light design of the rest of the interior, additional sources are used: spotlights, track devices, wall lamps, LED apron lighting;
  • in the decoration of the walls are relevant materials that help save space in a small kitchen. The use of most models of wall panels provides for the need to crate, which is fraught with loss of space. Use moisture-resistant types of wallpaper, tile, plastic panels with fixation on the glue;
  • partial redevelopment, which allows you to combine the kitchen area with a balcony, contributes to solving the problem of lack of space.

In order to avoid difficulties with the responsible authorities, the designers recommend that only the doorway and the window block be removed, and the balcony construction should be of high quality. Additional area is suitable for arranging a cozy recreation area. A low concrete partition can be used as a functional surface, for example, to organize a 9-square-meter bar in the kitchen. m