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Carved furniture - openwork interior (26 photos)


The unique carved wooden furniture has a beautiful look and a unique texture. When decorating products inlaid, carved, mosaic creates a unique interior, emphasizing the taste and personality of the owners.




Carved wooden furniture is ideal for any interior. It is in perfect harmony with various styles: Empire, modern, etc. Such furniture, made with your own hands, retains the warmth of the master’s hands and soul, his spirit and creative look. Beautiful intricate furniture with harmony of lines and perfect proportions attracts attention to itself regardless of its location: kitchen, bedroom, living room.




Creating exclusive furniture is a painstaking and complicated process, but interesting and creative for the master. Handmade furniture is usually made in a single copy, since serial production is unprofitable. For the production of furniture from solid wood are used valuable types of wood: teak, walnut, beech, birch, oak. This material is durable, malleable in work, is not subject to disease, so it is ideal for carved wooden furniture. The wood has a natural color, including white and a natural shade.



Making carved furniture

The processing of wood requires perfect accuracy and attention. The work of the master, associated with artistic carving, is very responsible and complex. Despite the high cost of handmade furniture, quite a lot of people want to buy exclusive luxury items. For the manufacture of furniture from solid wood used different types of thread:

  • relief;
  • flat relief;
  • contour;
  • geometric;
  • slotted;
  • invoice;
  • sculptural

Carved decor for furniture serves as an excellent addition to wooden furniture with carved facades. The decorations are carved legs for furniture, sockets, balusters, platbands and other elements. The facades for furniture are finished with varnish, gilding, patina.




Carvers carry custom made tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds, sofas, chairs, made in a variety of styles. The carved furniture from the massif is made both in the classical style similar to ancient, and in rural, ethical, gothic and others.




Carved wood beds

The carved furniture in the interior of any room looks great; a wooden bed is especially well suited for a bedroom in a classic style that is relevant at all times. Demand is made of rococo or baroque beds with interesting fancy elements. Carved wood decor can be unobtrusive or, conversely, catch the eye.




Before you order a bed, you must consider the design of the bedroom, the color scheme. If the bedroom is dominated by a classic style, the headboard is made with openwork carvings, panels. For the Baroque style, massive headboards are made with exquisite carvings. The height of the headboard is also made in accordance with the bedroom interior. High back more demonstrates the beauty of the tree and the originality of the master's plan. The legs of the bed in style should match the back.




The advantages of carved wood furniture

Unique carved wood furniture is considered an elite interior items, thanks to the many advantages:

  • Exclusivity. Products made of wood look original thanks to shades and patterns that do not repeat. Carved wood decor gives the furniture an even greater uniqueness.
  • Aesthetics. Products from noble varieties of wood, especially oak, look solid and luxurious, which emphasizes the high status of the owner. Decoration makes the furniture most elegant and original.
  • Durability. Wooden pieces of furniture are always very high quality and serve the owners for a long time, being a family value.
  • Special energy. Natural material has a positive effect on the human body.
  • Environmental friendliness. Wood does not contain harmful substances. It creates an excellent indoor climate, regulates humidity.
  • High strength. Products do not lose their properties for a long time, they easily tolerate various temperatures.

In addition, carved wooden furniture has many advantages compared with upholstered furniture. For example, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge, and the furniture becomes new.




Wooden furniture, especially carved oak furniture, indicates the high status of its owner and its impeccable taste. Products are environmentally friendly and serve for a long time. High prices for handmade furniture are consistent with its quality, beauty and hard work of the master.