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A small bathroom in a modern apartment: interesting tips from top designers (61 photos)


For the arrangement of the room it is necessary to create a project of a small bathroom so that it becomes comfortable for use. You can make a project yourself, if you previously make calculations. You should create a small bathroom design with the following features:

  • Getting rid of unnecessary items and things.
  • Compliance with the rules of proportionality. If the room is small, then plumbing and furniture for a small bathroom, as well as cabinets, should also have small dimensions.
    It is possible to link the design of a small bathroom to any style, although it is rather difficult.
  • The use of bright colors with glitter that will visually increase the area.
  • The use of light sanitary equipment, the best pearl white.
  • Space saving due to sliding door or opening to the outside.
  • Lighting in the bathroom should be not only on the ceiling, but also on the side. In your own home, it is appropriate to add a room with a small window. You can create a window simulation. To do this, the blinds with the lights located inside are hung on the wall. You can place the decor under the luminous window.
  • Perfect for a small glass bathroom ceiling that complements the space. A small sink made of transparent material that will bring lightness to the interior of a small bathroom. It is possible in a small room not to put a sink at all, if the crane is located near the edge of the bath.
  • Tile for a small bathroom plays a big role. The main thing is to choose it correctly. It fits well with the interior of a small bathroom tile with a nondescript pattern. It is appropriate to use the vertical position of the frieze that separates the tile.
  • If you have a shower in a small bathroom, it is desirable to choose a clear glass.

It is necessary to try so that the small bathroom is not cluttered with a lot of objects - towels hanging in large quantities, hair dryers, cosmetics, etc. All accessories must be stored in special lockers.







An excellent solution for arranging a bathroom of 4 square meters will be installing a shower cabin. The shower area significantly reduces the space in a small room. Properly selected materials for decoration and decoration items will help to visually enlarge the room.






A small bathroom with shower has several advantages:

  • The tightness of the doors does not allow the spray to penetrate throughout the room; cold air also does not enter the cabin;
  • Various procedures can be performed in modern shower cabins: hydromassage, aromatherapy, etc.
  • For bathing babies used shower cabins with a deep tray.
  • With the help of booths, water is saved, since its consumption is much less than when filling a bath.
  • The risk of injury in the shower stall is minimal, as the materials prevent slipping.
  • The shower cubicle leaves a small space in the bathroom in a small size to accommodate a bidet or washing machine.

It would be nice if the washing machine in a small bathroom has a frontal load. It is undoubtedly convenient for placing it in a room of small size, where every centimeter is appreciated.




An excellent option is a washing machine built into the furniture. Such products are made individually, taking into account specific sizes and customer requirements. The only downside is the high cost.

The simplest option is to install the sink directly above the washing machine. This arrangement is quite economical for small bathrooms. The main problem may be the provision of necessary communication systems (water, sewage, electricity).

A great solution is to use sinks, which are usually made of marble. Products are made with a variety of designs and dimensions.




Since some people do not represent a bathroom without a bath, and the area does not allow to install a full-sized product, you can use the sitting model. It is possible to install an acrylic corner model that looks very modern and original.






The corner sink will increase the area for which the faucet is usually built into the wall or mini plumbing is selected. It is better to choose a sink small suspended, here the laundry basket of the small size freely will be placed.









How to make repairs in a small bathroom with an increase in space

How to make repairs in a small bathroom to the room seemed more spacious and more aesthetic. Making a small bathroom begins with careful preparation. Designers believe that a total planning of a small bathroom is required - all the interior details are purchased - from water pipes to trifles (hooks, soap dishes). The quality of repair depends on the choice of material for finishing, which must be waterproof and resistant to temperature differences. Thanks to careful preparation for repair work, the overall concept is maintained, time and money are saved. Renovation of a small bathroom should be carried out, taking into account the following factors:

  • the shape of the room;
  • the passage of communication lines (almost all of them can be transferred);
  • the location of the door, the presence of the window;
  • the possibility of installing a forced ventilation system.

You must first decide on the models of plumbing equipment, as the layout and design of a small bathroom with a toilet depends on its size. Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of models of bathtubs, toilets, sinks, shower cubicles of various configurations and dimensions.






First you need to decide on the design style of the room. The options of how to equip a small bathroom originally and exclusively not very much. Experts advise modern style, close to minimalism. The laconic design of a small-sized bathroom with a minimum of decoration, simple bathroom fixtures, and no large storage spaces is perfect for placing small-sized ones.






Colors in the arrangement of a small bathroom

It is known that light shades visually expand the area, give them freshness and lightness. Many people choose white color in the room where sanitary and hygienic procedures are carried out. The white bathroom, of course, visually increases the area, but it resembles a ward in a hospital or an operating room, where it is clean, but completely uncomfortable. For this reason, color accents should be added to the design of a small bathroom. You must use bright colors to add to the interior.




Ideas on how to build a small bathroom

Create a modern design in a small bathroom, though difficult, but possible. Small areas of bathrooms began to ennoble for a long time. For example, from the bathroom in the Khrushchev bath was removed, a brick side was installed, covered with tiles, shower, curtains, hung on the cornice, sewage.






Modern design ideas for a small bathroom are developed much more widely. Before you start repairs in a small bathroom, you must choose a style. To decorate a beautiful small bathroom, the following styles are used:

  • Modern. Differs in symmetry and clarity, lack of excess, glossy surfaces, conciseness.
  • Classical. The small classic-style bathroom has an ivory color, porcelain glitters in it, and gilding shimmers. There is a lot of light in the room, which makes the bathroom more spacious.
  • Provence. In the style of a combination of French romance and simplicity of the village. Apply pastel colors: lavender, delicate green, pink.
  • Loft. This style has whitened ceilings, walls that imitate masonry of brick or stone, the lack of decor.
  • Minimalism. Compactness, lightness and spaciousness are characteristic features of the style.
  • Scandinavian. The snow-white color with gray and black specks, the lack of bright details and bright lighting perfectly refresh and fill the room with energy.

The design ideas of a small bathroom are diverse, the choice depends on the wishes of the owner of this bathroom and financial possibilities. How to equip a small bathroom in a modern style, you can find in the catalogs of designers.