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Stylish design of a small kitchen: how to arrange a small space (54 photos)


The functionality of a compact kitchen area depends on the literacy of the design, taking into account the characteristics of the area. With the help of modern solutions in the form of oversized furniture and built-in equipment, it is easy to create a comfortable space for cooking and family meals. The design of a small kitchen in a fashionable interpretation involves the use of coatings with a reflective effect. Stylists offer a lot of creative solutions: a mirrored ceiling, light-colored headsets, an apron of glass panels, a glossy finish on a tabletop, and more.







Here it is necessary to take into account the design features of the room, such as:

  • the dimensions of the area, including the height of the ceiling;
  • configuration - meets square, rectangular, irregular shape;
  • the presence of niches or protrusions;
  • window system features;
  • availability of a balcony;
  • characteristics of the door design.

The layout of the small kitchen provides for the rational use of the living space.







The geometry of space allows to embody original ideas of stylistics. When arranging square in the form of a square, corner models of a headset are often used. On the basis of L-shaped furniture, the easiest way is to distinguish between the work area and the dining part. With a functional "triangle" sink-stove-refrigerator everything you need will always be at hand.

When choosing a suite for a small kitchen, pay attention to models with tall wall cabinets. So you can use the full potential of the surface up to the ceiling. Choose facades in light execution. Ideal if the furniture is not equipped with deaf doors and frosted glass doors. To the place and translucent models, and vintage solutions, all this contributes to the visual expansion of a small space.

Dining table for a small kitchen of a square configuration can be made in the form of a bar counter with a two-level countertop. In this case, the upper surface of the structure is a plane of tempered glass, and the lower one is made of wood or polymers.






For rooms of elongated shape, linear configurations are suitable. Here are possible and options with the L-shaped model, it all depends on the preferences of apartment owners. If desired, you can use semi-soft corner furniture for a small kitchen with a compact oval table.

In order to visually level up the lack of space, stylists recommend using creative ideas for a small kitchen in the form of accessories and finishes with a reflective effect:

  • free wall surface can be decorated with a large mirror;
  • it is worth choosing accessories with a glossy finish;
  • to use mirror cloths in the decoration of the walls in combination with the basic material in the form of tiles, wall panels made of plastic, plasterboard;
  • make the ceiling suspended structure with mirror panels;
  • to make a stretch ceiling of canvas with a glossy effect.

The central chandelier for the small kitchen is complemented by secondary sources - spotlights, LED strips. Also it is necessary to give preference to light furniture, choose curtains for a small kitchen in fresh colors with a large pattern.







When arranging a compact kitchen space with niches in the wall, it is necessary to choose equipment with appropriate dimensions:

  • In the recess, you can build in a refrigerator for a small kitchen, a washing machine and an oven above it, or build a bar with comfortable chairs;
  • install kitchen unit for a small kitchen with horizontal doors on the wall cabinets;
  • choose a built-in closet for a niche on the surface;
  • arrange window sill in the form of a dining table;
  • in a niche to install a small sofa in the kitchen.

Properly using small kitchen design ideas, you can create a comfortable environment even on sites with complex geometry.








To fully exploit the potential of a useful space, follow these guidelines:

  1. It is necessary to consider different options for planning and choose the most optimal model of interior design. At the same time the style of a small kitchen can be any. Here, the main thing is not to clutter up the space and create a cozy and functional area.
  2. On a compact area looks good corner set for a small kitchen with compartments for built-in appliances. In such rooms, it is inconvenient to operate U-shaped furniture; it is even more difficult to use the island version of the working space.
  3. The project of a small kitchen should be made, guided, first of all, by the issues of operating comfort. It is better to refuse to buy solid furniture, since the design takes up a lot of usable space. Here it is preferable to use models of ergonomic design.
  4. Do not neglect the free angles. Use the full potential of space, place in the corner floor and hanging modules of a headset, a kitchen corner for a small kitchen or the necessary equipment.
  5. If you plan to repair a small kitchen, give preference to the decoration of light colors. Choose wall panels with reflective properties, tile with a glossy finish. Effectively look wallpaper for a small kitchen monochrome design or with a simple pattern in pastel colors. The floor surface should be made of non-slip materials of neutral tones.

Use the highest racks, literally from the floor to the ceiling, to save usable space.








How to furnish a small kitchen

Modern small kitchens can be provided with functional equipment with small dimensions, for example:

  • if you make a small kitchen 6 square. m, in addition to the L-shaped headset with built-in work panel, washing machine, refrigerator, there is a place for a compact kitchenette with a transforming table. Buy a small TV in the kitchen and install it in the gap between the worktop and hanging cabinet;
  • small kitchen 5 square. m will look spectacular and impress with operational potential if a bar table is provided in the headset. Choose high chairs for a small kitchen from high-quality polymers with a transparent texture. An alternative arrangement of arrangement is kitchen sofas for a small kitchen and tables with a folding worktop;
  • modern design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev suggests the use of clever tricks for maximum functionality of a small-sized room. For example, having connected a window sill with a table-top, it is possible to create a comfortable working surface. Attach the pendant modules on both sides of the window unit, install high racks on the floor cabinets and pedestals;
  • small kitchen 4 square. m with a bar by the window and a compact set of good capacity has a decent level of comfort for preparing family dinners and meals in close circle.

Choose a technique with an ergonomic design. To place a flat model washing machine, a compact microwave, stove with oven and a tall narrow refrigerator. Small kitchen appliances should also be chosen in terms of space saving. The multifunctional models of devices, such as a slow cooker with a variety of programs, a food processor, a bread machine, are relevant.

A small kitchen with a balcony with proper redevelopment allows you to expand the potential of the space and build a comfortable seating area. If necessary, you can equip a bed in the renovated kitchen or create a spectacular greenhouse on the balcony part.








Making a small kitchen

The design of the kitchen should continue the style of the living room interior:

  • a small kitchen in a classic style is created with the help of furniture and accessories with strict outlines;
  • small Scandinavian-style kitchen filled with cozy paraphernalia with northern motifs;
  • Provence-style small kitchen suggests an abundance of natural materials, textiles, accessories with a plant-rustic ornament;
  • small loft-style kitchen - these are high ceilings, massive windows, the presence of industrial subjects in interior design.

A kitchen with a modest size must be provided with a high-quality lighting system for the working area and ventilation. Otherwise, it is easy to spoil the impression of even the most elegant interior.