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Folding table: ergonomics and style in detail (50 photos)


A folding table is a vivid example of how a piece of furniture can be comfortable, functional and inconspicuous. This is an excellent solution for small apartments, where literally every centimeter of free space is valuable. If earlier such tables were used only in the kitchen, now universal furniture is actively used in other rooms.







In order to maximize the use of space in the kitchen and in any other room, the most often used folding wall table is square or semicircular in shape. There is a huge number of different in appearance, configuration, style and performance of products.







The main advantage of the tables-transformers can be considered that they are most convenient to push and push. It is often used in the kitchen, instantly turning the work area into a mobile dining room. Once the meal is over, the table can be transformed into a more compact version or even "disguised" among the kitchen attributes.

For a small kitchen, miniature tables are provided, lacking a supporting leg or equipped with only one such detail. It is desirable not to overload such structures.






A folding-type kitchen table with a solid worktop can be used at the same time as a work surface and a table for meals. It can recline from almost any vertical surface: from the wall or cabinet.

The place of special load is fastenings and hinges. If the design is properly fixed, the wall folding table will be the most reliable and comfortable to use. Neglecting the strength of the mechanism or mistakes during the installation will sooner or later cause a part of the table to simply fall, tearing behind itself a part of the wall decoration.









Folding table in the form of a bar

In the kitchen interior, decorated in a progressive style, often use the bar. This is a narrow and long tabletop, which can fit 5-6 people at a meal. Previously used bar counters, tightly attached to the wall and mounted in the floor. Now mobile options of a bar counter are much more popular.

In fact, this is still the same folding table in the kitchen, but stylized very skillfully, as well as effectively complemented by other attributes of the kitchen set.

The folding table with a reclining table top in the form of a bar counter is suitable for very narrow kitchen locations differing in non-standard planning. From the position of comfort and aesthetic harmony to such tables, it is better to select high bar stools.



Folding table as a variation of folding models

Folding table on the balcony or in the kitchen often choose a folding type. It can be confused with the transformer described earlier, but such models have a more primitive design.

Transformable table, reclining as necessary, as a rule, is complemented by other important attributes. Folding table do not complement anything else. Rather, it is a functional addition to other kitchen furniture.

Folding table is ideal for a loggia combined with a kitchen. Part of the tabletop remains immovable, the other part - reclines, if circumstances so require.







Perhaps the most interesting option for arranging kitchen locations with a non-standard layout is a movable table with a folding top. These models are always small. Main feature: a miniature table can move around the perimeter of the room.

Under the table top attach the appropriate guide, which plays the role of the rail. Such a folding dining table can move from one corner of the room to another within the horizontal plane.

Usually, all models are equipped with additional legs to give the support structure. They can hide under the worktop and not at all spoil the appearance of the kitchen unit. In other rooms, such a device is usually not used.

Designers tirelessly coming up with new unique models of tables that will be appropriate in any room. In fact, any table - folding, sliding, folding - can look incredibly stylish and respectable, you just have to worry about the stylistic details of its design. And a few constructional tricks will make it even more convenient in everyday life.

Original solutions can be combined with your individual wishes and unusual ideas. In principle, an exclusive folding table on a balcony or a compact product for a small kitchen can be ordered from the master or made by himself.

For example, folding desks can be arranged a little bit unusual, but without losing its functional significance. The model resembles the usual decorative element in a modern interior, consisting of two triangular fragments.

One of these fragments slides down easily, transforming into a convenient compact table-stand for a laptop and other gadgets. The design can be strengthened by providing a number of special compartments, which are reliable storage for various small items.

The stylish design of the table will make the usual piece of furniture a real wall decoration. White oak looks especially impressive. The material looks very respectable and beautiful, differing in special durability.



For the improvement of the balcony

An ordinary folding table on a balcony (necessarily insulated) made from an elite type of wood can be supplemented with a wooden “pocket” for books. To a table that can effectively recline, really claimed to be the title of a masterpiece, it is important to take care of the mounting system.

Special attention deserves folding table as a music stand. This spectacular and unusual element is able to decorate a bohemian atmosphere. Musicians, artists and other creative creative people will clearly appreciate this functional addition.

Tables that recline and make room in the room are ideal for the nursery. Designers offer to add and so the functional element of furniture with another important ability. In the unfolded form on the table it will be convenient for the child to read, write, perform any other manipulations. But in the folded state, the model will turn into a real “blackboard”. On it you can write with chalk, draw, do anything.