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Table-book: Soviet furniture in a modern interior (20 photos)


Soviet furniture does not hit the avant-garde flow, bold design or a variety of colors and textures. However, it is the good old book table with drawers or a huge wardrobe for the living room made of wood that is surprising with incredible performance characteristics. Such furniture can please not one decade.



Practical solution at all times

Table-book - one of the most popular furniture attributes, which migrated from the Soviet era to modern apartments. There are many reasons for this: functionality, practicality, ease of operation, the ability to use in the smallest rooms. In addition, many types of tables, books can be decorated or transformed in a modern way with his own hands.

Such furniture is useful both for a small kitchen, and for a non-standard living room, and for a children's room, where every meter of "usable" area is on the account. Moreover, manufacturers offer a lot of bold and modern models for every taste - perfect furniture, where the traditional "soviet" practicality is combined with modern progressive views.



Types of tables-books

The table-book in the interior resembles an ordinary cabinet, which, if necessary, can be transformed into another more functional and useful piece of furniture: a book stand or a table for friendly gatherings, a work surface or a place where flowerpots are placed with flowers. There are two main types of such furniture.

Folding design with shelves

Table book with shelves is a static design that is designed to store a variety of things. It is equipped with wooden or metal supports.

Such a piece of furniture made of solid wood, will be particularly appropriate in a classic interior. It will not stand out against the general background, but will become a worthy basis for creative installations. The option is especially good for the living room, children's room and bedroom.

The table-book on wheels is characterized by mobility due to the availability of functional devices for comfortable movement of furniture. It is pleasant and convenient to use.

The surface of the table top is used for various purposes (they arrange shelves with books, place vases or pots with flowers, form installations from various decorations). Inside the structure there may be shelves or containers for storing household items. Even the most bulky designs are quite simple to move around the room, since the table on wheels is much more mobile.



Coffee table

It is worth mentioning about one interesting modification of furniture in the "Soviet format" - a coffee table-book. The quality and design features, he is not inferior to his "elder comrades."
The main distinctive quality is compactness. This table is always small. The width and depth can be quite standard, but the height is minimal. Traditional dining tables are rectangular in shape and often even too high.

Countertops are made from a variety of materials. Compact table-book, for example, can be equipped with a plastic tabletop. In the classic version, the use of chipboard or a more noble counterpart - natural wood is welcomed.

The table-book transformer can be supplemented by a table top of various thickness. Functional qualities usually do not depend on it. Both thin and thick countertops are durable and convenient, but the latter’s pricing policy is much higher.

Table-book for the kitchen or any other location usually consists of three parts. This is the center and two additional elements that are fastened by means of special loops.

The body of any table can be made of such materials:

  • Metal. The big term of operation is interfaced to excellent strength characteristics. Products are not afraid of corrosion, mold, fungi. A small and ergonomic book table can be placed in the bedroom or living room, it is lighter and more affordable;
  • LDSP - the strong material differing in valuable esthetic qualities. Such a coffee table-book or a large model for dinner will long please the eye with its impeccable look. Products are not afraid of moisture, high temperatures and household pollution;
  • Wood is a classic design option for furniture that has not lost its relevance for many years. The table-book of the color of wenge, bleached oak or light lime tree always fits well into the interior, giving solidity to the whole composition. Quality products are quite expensive. Another disadvantage is the high cost;
  • Plastic is a light, inexpensive, modern material. Good for transportation (for example, to the country). However, such progressive material does not always fit into some interior compositions.



Kitchen table-book should be durable, reliable and practical. Particular attention is paid to the type of material and quality fittings. In stores, you can find any model, taking into account the style, size, functional content and basic quality. Compact and easy to use table is always useful.