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Interior curtains: style and elegance in modern interiors (20 photos)


Interior curtains are of interest as a multifunctional accessory for a stylish interior design, used in the arrangement of urban apartments and country houses. The idea of ​​decorating doorways and arches with textile drapery or exclusive compositions of beads, threads, bamboo or ceramic parts suggests decorative isolation of the space.

The refined decor in the form of luxurious fabric is able to emphasize the status of the design of the doorway - the design solution was popular in the ancient era, does not lose its relevance in modern interiors. There are the following advantages of interior curtains:

  • the possibility of using a duet with a door or with a transparent panel to delicately isolate a room from other rooms;
  • curtains instead of interior doors - a practical solution in the arrangement of the apartment, if due to the design features of the room it is impossible to install the door system;
  • a decorative partition of textiles or beads is easy to replace with a new composition of completely different components, which creates the effect of updating the entire interior;
  • With the help of a well-chosen composition of curtains for a doorway, it is easy to emphasize the stylistic advantages of the interior or to hide design flaws, focusing on the exclusive design of the interior partition.

Modern interior curtains can delicately divide the space into functional zones, while not creating an obstacle to the comfortable movement of households and guests.



Variety of material

In the manufacture of curtains on the door or arched doorway, various materials are relevant:

  • textiles - dense or transparent fabric, luxurious drapery or canvas of unobtrusive style;
  • plastic - polymeric strips or plastic elements of various shapes, fixed on a thread;
  • metal - stainless steel plates, tubules or balls are used, exclusive compositions of noble types of metal are chosen for pretentious interiors;
  • glass - transparent or matte elements of a special type of glass that are strung on a tight cord or thick fishing line;
  • stone - semi-precious and precious rocks, including amber, turquoise, agate and other minerals, are used in the manufacture of curtains for rich interiors;
  • wood - beads, diamonds, rings, tubules and other forms of wood are relevant in the design of decorative curtains of ethnic style;
  • Bamboo is a popular design material for arches and doorways, a colorful accessory of modern interiors.

As a rule, in the design of a decorative curtain, certain elements of other objects of the room arrangement are duplicated in the form of color solutions, material or configurations. For example, bamboo curtains will organically fit into the interior style if the room is decorated with furniture with bamboo details or exquisite panels of this material.



Types of curtains for the doorway and the arch

According to the functional characteristics of the interior curtains are divided into types.

Flexible partition of dense material

Artful door imitation. It is made on the basis of textiles, polymer compositions or mixed compositions of various materials. Some models have the following properties:

  • do not let light through;
  • have high noise absorption characteristics;
  • contribute to the insulation of the room;
  • they are distinguished by the ability to resist the spread of odors throughout the apartment, which is important to use, for example, in the design of the doorway into the kitchen.

Cloths curtains instead of the door of this category in the line of the junction are equipped with fixing elements in the form of magnetic parts or velcro.



Decorative curtain

It is used exclusively for the visual separation of space, it is distinguished by transparency, lightness and simplicity of design.




Curtains for the arch as a functional decor

The arched opening is distinguished by an attractive configuration, and the original decor in the form of a weightless fabric or an extraordinary composition of beads will accentuate the magnificence of the interior design. Choosing the curtains on the interior arch, you must consider:

  • features of the location of the object design;
  • compliance of material characteristics - color and texture, the style of the curtains on the arch should be in harmony with other elements of the interior;
  • fastening possibilities - wall or ceiling cornices are used.

For the decoration of the arch between the living room and the bedroom, opaque types of fabrics are most often chosen in order to delicately distinguish the functional spaces of the apartment. Exquisite interior bead curtains are actively used in the division of leisure space and dining areas, or used in the arrangement of the arch between the living room and the office.



DIY curtains

Making decorative compositions for the design of door or arched openings does not require special knowledge or financial costs. Here it is appropriate to use creativity, to show individuality and introduce creative ideas of the author.





With the use of interior curtains, it is easy to transform the decor of the interior, while ensuring comfort in each of the allocated areas and the possibility of convenient movement around the apartment.