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Room for a newborn: how to arrange the space is convenient, safe, aesthetic (60 photos)


All happy parents consider the appearance of their baby into the world a small miracle. One of the main stages of preparation for this event is the preparation of a room for a newborn child.

Here the creative imagination of future parents and their dream of the happiness of their child can be fully realized, because the preparation of a child’s room is the first step in the aesthetic education of a child. There will be many more steps, but the first one is always important not only for the child, but also for the parents.






How to prepare a room for a newborn?

Young spouses who have yet to become parents often ask themselves: what should be the room for the newborn? Wise grandmothers and grandfathers, professional designers, pediatricians and psychologists can answer this question. The answers will be different, and they should concern not only the design and arrangement of the room, but also its functionality, safety and impact on the psychological health of the baby. All these aspects are certainly important, and in order to understand all the subtleties, it is necessary to begin with the most important thing - with repairs.






Starting repair, it is worth understanding a few important points regarding the functionality of the room. First of all, the room for the newborn should be isolated from extraneous sounds, be warm, well ventilated, lit and environmentally friendly. Also, the room for the baby should have adjustable heating, high ceilings and large windows.






The interior of a children's room for a newborn should be made entirely of materials that are environmentally safe for the baby. Everything, from toys to the floor, should be from natural materials. No chipboard and synthetics!

Wallpaper in the room is better to choose vinyl (they can be washed if necessary), light shades or take special wallpaper, which can be painted in any color you like. The main thing is that these should not be too bright tones, from which the baby will tire quickly. The color scheme in the interior of the room for the newborn should be calm, dim shades.

Children's room for a newborn simply must be the safest place in the house, and therefore the task of the parents is to make it so for the baby, and moreover not for one year. Ceilings are best not to make mounted, but simply paint them with anti-allergic paint. It is also better not to cover the floor with synthetic flooring, but to use either natural wood plank or high-quality laminate to cover.






Due attention should also be paid to the lighting and decoration of the children's room. If the windows in the room are small, then it is worth considering the lighting system. The room should not be illuminated too brightly (the baby's eyes can get tired quickly), but dim light is harmful to the eyes, and therefore the distribution of lamps in all areas of the room should be even. If the windows are large, then heavy curtains will not only collect dust on them, but also act depressingly. It is better to let them be of light material and light colors.




The design of the children's room for the newborn will largely depend on the chosen style. The most appropriate styles for a newborn's room will be:

  • Modern style. Practical functional furniture, the severity of lines and colors - this simple and comfortable style for any child's age is also suitable for an infant.
  • Modern This style of charm and elegance can linger in the nursery for a single year.
  • Room for a newborn boy can be decorated in the style of a safari. This is not only the original, but also the cognitive option for the younger baby. It is so interesting to study various animals through pictures and wallpaper patterns!
  • Minimalism. This style "does not like" anything extra. Practicality and rigor in detail, a minimum of things - this is his motto.
  • The interior of the room for a newborn can be decorated in a loft style. Visually expanding the space and making the room lighter can be done, for example, by using the contrast of light walls and furniture with bright colors of the carpet and curtains.
  • Country and Provence are also great for decorating babies' rooms. The furniture for the newborn's room in these design options should be environmentally friendly, and the “rustic” decor and fresh flowers on the windowsill will help the baby grow in harmony with nature.

Many interesting ideas and other design options for kids can be found on the pages of fashion interior magazines and on the Internet. The question of how to decorate a room for newborns can be divided into two: how to decorate a room for a girl and how to decorate a room for a boy.






Features of registration of the room for the newborn boy

Of course, the design of the room for a newborn boy is not much different from the design of a room for a girl. For a child it is still not a matter of what style and color the interior of the room will be made. But parents, quite possibly, will want to make a certain accent and decorate the room for a newborn boy in a certain light scale or style, which, in their opinion, is more suitable for the boy.

The classic style with its calm, slightly muted tones will be an excellent choice for the boy’s room design. This style prefers light beige, blue, blue and white colors in the design of the room, as well as in the choice of furniture color and decor.






The design of the room for a newborn boy can be made in the nautical style or in the "safari" style. The space of the room can be divided into zones and each of them arranged in a certain light spectrum. The main thing is that the room is not bright and mosaic: 2-3 colors are quite enough.






According to psychologists, the nature of the future man will depend on the choice of the color scheme of the room, but it’s not worth overloading the room with dark colors. They are best combined with light colors. For example, gray can be combined with white and blue.




Room for a newborn girl is different from the room of a newborn boy - it is more gentle. The most classic color solutions for decorating a room for a girl are all shades of pink, peach, white.

Pink baby for a newborn girl, decorated with flowers, butterflies and hearts on mirrors, walls, furniture and textiles - why not a little princess's room?

Beautiful and stylish room for a girl can also be in the style of Provence. A style with an abundance of ruffles and lace, embroidery and drapery will, from childhood, bring up in a girl a love for everything delicate and feminine, and vegetable and animal motifs a love for nature. The colors of Provence style are white, beige, soft pink, azure and light green.






Room arrangement for newborns

When the repair is finished, it is time to equip the nursery. Furniture and its arrangement in the room for a newborn play an important role in the design. Where to begin? From dividing the room into zones. The baby will grow and develop, so you need to think in advance where the sleeping area will be, where the play area will be, and where to put the baby feeding chair.

The bed in the interior of the room for the newborn should not stand near the door or opposite the window. There should be no sockets, electrical appliances, cords and other small or dangerous objects for the baby near the bed. For the bed, if you can, you can build a podium or cover it with a canopy. The canopy will help not only to decorate the bed, but also to protect the baby from sunlight during the daytime sleep.






In stores for children's rooms special furniture for newborns are sold. These sets, in addition to the usual cabinet, cot, bedside table, includes a table-dresser (acting as a changing table and dresser), a highchair. Modern furniture for newborns is made light, modular and mobile. It can be rolled (like a crib on wheels), it can be modeled and altered as needed, or it can be moved to a new place, freeing up space for games.

In a room for a newborn, such items as an armchair are obligatory - so that the mother would be comfortable while feeding the baby. A small sofa - mom also needs to rest during the day. Carpet and toy boxes will be needed only when the baby starts to crawl and play.






Thanks to the imagination of the parents and their efforts, the rooms for newborns are unique. The style of the room, its color design, decor items - all this makes the room not like many other rooms. And this is great, because the baby is growing, and for the development he needs not only free space, but also a lot of subjects on which he can explore the world. Color, shape, texture - all this helps in understanding the world and develops a sense of aesthetics in a little man.