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Place for reading in the apartment: create a cozy corner (26 photos)


Many lovers of fiction are wondering about how to properly equip a place to read books in a small apartment or a spacious house. After all, for such a holiday you need a special atmosphere, and, first of all, solitude is required. If the dwelling does not have a library room or a special room, people are forced to read where it is currently light, quiet and soft. But when there is a separate zone, a comfortable place that helps create the ritual of enjoying intellectual food, the process becomes even more pleasant and bewitching.



Exit: we set up the windowsill

The first step is always to find a remote place where peace and quiet usually reign. Many people like to sit on the windowsill in a room where there is no revitalization (in particular, it is very difficult to read in the kitchen or in the living room if the family is large) - this is the best option for daytime activities. Natural lighting has a beneficial effect on vision and psyche, the view outside the window will help you relax, relieve tension, and distract from everyday life.



More secluded spaces

In good weather, it is worth moving to a balcony or terrace, to create a cozy atmosphere, you also need home textiles. Rest on the air, of course, is very pleasant, but only in the event that the housing is not in a densely populated area - street noise will distract.

If there is at least a small attic, here you can create a full-fledged relaxation zone - a special configuration of the room, the presence of irregularly shaped windows, the absence of extraneous sounds set up a special way, allow you to plunge deeper into the fictional world. Chamber atmosphere is a favorite place for introverts to read. In the attic, you can organically arrange shelves for books, bring more convenient chair, put the lamp.




How to choose the right place?

You can read sitting on a chair, sofa, bench or couch, but still the most convenient option is considered a chair, especially if it is equipped with armrests and a footrest (the latter can be equivalently replaced with a soft ottoman). Designers are increasingly offering non-standard models of chairs that are mini-libraries - the built-in compartments for storing books and related details increase the level of comfort.




Each person determines what suits him for a long reading: someone likes to sit in a rocking chair, on a couch or chest for a long time, others will like the chair-throne or hanging wicker construction on a round frame. If the footrest is still not needed, you should lay a mat so that it is soft and warm.

In the conditions of the domestic climate, only the southern regions can boast a long day with light and good weather, in most cases, citizens have to adjust to atmospheric conditions. Therefore, a truly cozy places for reading are equipped with high-quality lamps, close to the daylight - they will help you feel comfortable even with prolonged strain on the eyes.



Sconce, floor lamps, in which you can adjust the height - this is the choice of lovers to read lying, such equipment is usually installed by the bed, sofa or sofa. Those who prefer to spend time in a chair or at a desk can recommend a lamp on a long leg: adjusting the angle of inclination, it is easy to reach the most comfortable position when the light falls on the page and does not hurt the eyes.



To lower the voltage, it is worth securing yourself in areas with a bright surrounding finish - in such an environment the rays are evenly scattered.



Where else can you read?

It is worth highlighting the original solutions:

  • a “sofa” on the flight of stairs — if in a private house in this zone there are large windows, as a rule, the window sills are low, you can equip them with a cozy soft pad;
  • under the ceiling - a special kind of hammocks, which is a high grid stretched on a frame, is in fashion; you can climb such a design using an attached grid;
  • on the hanging bed is an interesting option for a garden in good weather. The bed is an extended swing, equipped with a mattress, handrails and decorative pillows;
  • in the closet under the stairs - a secluded space for those who prefer loneliness. Here the main thing is to create a full-fledged, but not excessive, lighting in order to preserve the aura of detachment from the world;
  • the usual hammock installed in the apartment or on the closed balcony between two walls;
  • a mountain of pillows on the floor and a canopy - a romantic, magical setting;
  • the attic (especially warmed) is a real base for those who decided to create a personal reading place with appropriate attributes.

The site under consideration has not only a functional load: it is important to observe stylistic proportions and stick to the already existing interior, one should avoid cluttering up the space.



All elements should be designed in a calm color scheme, a small number of bright accents are welcome. If the place is limited in area, you can replace the racks with baskets in which books will be neatly stacked - this solution will help avoid confusion.