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How to arrange furniture for the bathroom, so that the interior was not boring? (54 pictures)


Unlike furniture for other rooms, special requirements are imposed on furniture and bathroom accessories. This is understandable, the bathroom is a special environment. There is constantly high humidity and high temperature, as well as a minimum of space, so the question of which furniture to choose for the bathroom is not simple.









What to consider when choosing bathroom furniture?

To choose the right bathroom furniture, you must consider the following conditions:

  • What are the dimensions of the bathroom? If the bathroom is spacious, then in this case it is quite appropriate to think about purchasing expensive wooden furniture with a table top, the same expensive hinged furniture and cupboards-cases. It will be a well-founded and reasonable decision, since large bathrooms usually have windows and ventilation, which do not allow excessive moisture to accumulate. If the bathroom is small, then, on the contrary, furniture for a small bathroom is more suitable - simple and moisture resistant.
  • How many people live in the house, what is their age and health. It is clear that a small child or an elderly family member is unlikely to be able to reach a highly suspended shelf or locker. It is necessary to choose furniture to which all family members will have free access.
  • What should be the shape of the furniture so that it fits into the overall space of the bathroom as harmoniously and harmoniously as possible.

It is also obvious that before you buy bathroom furniture, you must, as they say, look into your wallet.






Modern bathroom furniture: variations

A stable set of bathroom furniture has long been formed in the minds of people. In a limited and specific room, which is the bathroom, you can put only the most necessary furniture.

Bathroom furniture

It can be lockers, bedside tables, shelves, etc. The main advantage of such furniture - it is applicable for large rooms and for small ones. Such furniture is mostly performed without special design delights.

Another advantage of hanging furniture - it can hide water pipes, surface wiring, heaters, etc.












Modular bathroom furniture

Modular bathroom furniture consists of separate modules, that is, folding furniture. In other words, such furniture can be disassembled and reassembled, adapting it to the interior of the bathroom. One or another item of modular furniture can be made wider, narrower, higher or lower, or some part can be removed altogether - for example, in order to free up space.







Bathroom furniture made of solid wood is a classic option. However, moisture, as is well known, is very actively working on wood, destroying it, therefore, furniture made of rocks that are resistant to moisture is needed to decorate a bathroom in a classic style. From domestic wood, oak, ash, beech, cherry and some other hardwood are most suitable.

Of exotic wood, bathroom furniture of wenge and some other overseas species is best suited.

Wooden bathroom furniture is sold together with a quality certificate, where there is information about the manufacturer of the furniture, what kind of wood it is made of, what the furniture is covered with, and so on. However, the wooden massif is usually used only for the facade of furniture and for decorative purposes, while cheaper material goes to the main body of the furniture - MDF. Classic bathroom furniture is purchased exclusively for spacious rooms with ventilation and humidity not more than 70%.






Furniture from MDF. This material is made of fibreboard with the addition of a variety of protective agents against moisture and with ultraviolet drying. This is a very expensive material, but the furniture from it is very popular. She perfectly resists moisture and long serves.

Furniture veneer furniture. Veneer is designed to cover the outer side of the furniture, no matter what material it is made of. Thanks to the veneer, the furniture covered with it acquires a spectacular appearance. Veneer can imitate any wood species, as well as other materials such as leather, stone, etc.




Plastic bathroom furniture in recent years is becoming increasingly popular. It is light, practical, not afraid of moisture. Plastic furniture can be made multi-colored. Another important quality of plastic furniture - it is cheaper than any other furniture for bathrooms.

Glass bathroom furniture is aesthetic, fits well with the interior, is not afraid of moisture, it is easy to take care of it. In addition, such furniture can be of different colors, which is its additional advantage.

Furniture made of stone can be of two types: bathroom furniture made of artificial stone and natural stone. Solid stone furniture does not exist, there can be only individual fragments. For example, sink top. Stone is easy to care for, it is not afraid of moisture, aesthetic and durable.






Characteristics of bathroom furniture in accordance with the styles

How exactly to choose furniture for a bathroom, first of all depends on the owner. Despite this, there are still several fundamental styles:

  • Classic style. Furniture for the bathroom beige and other pastel colors, candlesticks, bronze faucets - the hallmarks of this style;
  • Modern - modern style, the most suitable for small spaces. Contrast color combinations are applicable here. White furniture for a bathroom and furniture for a bathroom black, for example, will be perfectly combined.
  • Country - rustic style. It uses furniture deliberately simple forms, aged furniture. In this style is used colored furniture for the bathroom, as well as deliberately monophonic. The main thing is that the colors are natural.
  • Provence is another kind of rustic style. Furniture for the bathroom in the style of Provence is used forged and painted in soothing colors.
  • Minimalism. The furniture here should be the simplest, and it should be a bit - only the most necessary minimum.
  • In the bathroom-loft applicable furniture of different types and shades, as well as made of different materials. The loft style is a well-thought-out, deliberate mess, where furniture of different styles can be combined.

Once the style has been chosen and furniture has been selected for it, it remains only to consider how to arrange the furniture in the bathroom. It all depends on the owner of the bathroom and the rest of the household: it should be comfortable, stylish and bring joy.