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Euro lining in the interior: features of the lining (23 photos)


Many residents of megalopolises dream of being in the lap of nature, living in a log house, the microclimate of which improves sleep and relieves stress. For the majority, it is possible to fulfill a cherished wish only on vacation or retirement, but to come closer to your dream is real for everyone. It is enough to pay attention to such finishing material as eurolining, created from natural wood. It is used for covering walls and ceilings of residential premises, loggias and balconies, baths and saunas. Applying the eurolining in the interior, you can create in an ordinary city apartment an amazing microclimate with minimal costs.



What is lining up and what is it made of?

Lining - narrow panels made of natural wood, having a thorn-groove installation system. At production the following types of wood are used:

  • Pine;
  • larch;
  • spruce;
  • aspen;
  • alder;
  • oak.

The width of the panels can vary from 60 to 120 mm, thickness - 12.5-16 mm. Installation is made on the sheathing of the timber, as a result, a perfectly smooth surface is formed. Finishing by eurolining allows you to create a unique interior, as each panel has its own special wood texture pattern.

Traditionally, eurolining plating is used for a bath: wood does not emit harmful substances when heated, it has good heat capacity. This material sheathes the walls and the ceiling, and it is recommended to use different types of wood for the steam room and the dressing room. Hardwoods of natural wood have a looser structure, so products made from them do not heat up much.



The best material for the steam room is the linac eurolining, it has a pleasant yellow-pink color, and under the influence of temperature it produces a unique aroma. Facing from this material does not overheat and does not burn at high temperatures. An alternative to linden, which has a high cost, can be eurolining made of aspen, a distinctive feature of which is white color and a weakly pronounced texture.



The covering of a balcony by eurolining is very popular, this material is not afraid of temperature changes and high humidity. Natural wood panels have high strength, you can easily hammer in a nail or screw in a screw, which is in demand on balconies and loggias. Euro-lining is used on the balcony for covering the parapet from the inside, walls and ceiling.



For finishing work outside the building, larch lining is used, it easily transfers not only temperature drops, but also high humidity. It is used for cladding the walls of country houses, garden pavilions, arbors. Larch wood has a noble red-brown color and sophisticated texture. The strength of this material is not inferior to oak. Interior decoration of the house can also be done with the help of larch, which is popular today with European designers.

It can be used for decoration of cabinets and libraries of respectable mansions of eurolining from oak, distinguished by impeccable appearance.

Actively apply panels from natural wood when finishing restaurants, cafes, bars. The best choice for interior works in these institutions is the alder lining, attracting with its warm tint and elegant texture. The panels can be used for finishing bar counters, ceilings and walls of summer terraces, personal cabinets.

There are different types of eurolining, but they are all characterized by the same type of installation due to the presence of the thorn-groove system. The panel is attached to the guide with the help of nails driven into the groove, or with special clips. The next lining is inserted with a spike into the groove, closing the fasteners. The result is a solid surface on which there are no traces of nails. The eurolining is being laid both horizontally and vertically. To solve complex interior problems, you can use a diagonal installation.



Is painting required for eurolining mandatory? This question does not interest only those who purchased the finishing material for the bath. In all other cases, the problem is relevant, because wood is usually protected from the adverse effects of the environment. The peculiarity of the design of the eurolining panel is its unique texture, you can hide it under a layer of paint only in two cases:

  • This is required by the interior design;
  • need to hide a large number of large knots.



In all other situations it is necessary to use clear lacquers and wax-based oils. They not only have protective properties, but are also able to make the texture of wood more expressive. Today, even special bath formulations have been developed that do not emit harmful substances at high temperatures.



Lining is the most affordable way to make the interior of the room exclusive. At the same time, minimum costs are needed, and any home craftsman who owns a construction level and a hammer will be able to carry out repairs. Panels treated with clear acrylic lacquers will last at least 15-20 years, creating a unique comfort and pastoral atmosphere in the house.