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Mixer with retractable watering can: a progressive kitchen tool for active users (22 photos)


Due to the mobility, this sanitary component received an expanded functionality, which ultimately served as a guarantee of its high demand in modern interiors. With the help of a long hose it is possible to carry out any manipulations with water in comfortable conditions: from washing dishes, vegetables and fruits to promptly filling containers that are far away. An innovative kitchen faucet with pull-out watering can perfectly suit those who use large or sectional sinks.



Product essence

Standard kitchen faucets can have a high or medium spout position, for convenience they can be rotated according to need — perhaps these are all their operational advantages. Their use is accompanied by a powerful spray of water, which degrades the quality and comfort of work.



Benefits of Advanced Plumbing

Models, first of all, are practical, they are presented in the profile market in a big variety. Manufacturers are constantly complementing new product lines with elements for ergonomic work. Many brands use a special coating that prevents the formation of plaque on metal surfaces, which significantly improves the hygienic characteristics of products.

The length of the retractable hose in the faucets can reach 120 cm, necessarily there is a long spring mechanism. The hostess have the option of a return jet, which switches the normal flow to the shower feed and vice versa. The hose may have a nylon braid, which increases its operational life.

Another effective protective element is a silicone aerator that does not allow accumulation on the fly, gently breaking the jet. Thanks to innovative production technologies, a firm fixation of the body and the spout is ensured, which eliminates backlash and leakage at the junction points. The concealed screw used for the connection ensures aesthetics of the product.



Popular modifications of mixers

The most common type of product is a retractable hose, which is drawn out of the spout to a predetermined length. The second popular category is a variation of the mixer, the additional component of which is mounted to the right or left of the faucet. A nozzle with a hose fits exactly in this part (the latter, by the way, can be built into the countertop or sink). Such variations are quite compact, because the hose returns to its original position after use. Nylon mesh or rubber protection increases the strength of the part.



A separate class is considered to be semi-professional kitchen faucets, which differ from other mobile devices in their specific installation. Here, the shower is located in the immediate vicinity of the main spout, and a special supporting metal spring is installed that secures the watering can above the table top or sink. The water supply in such products is noticeably stronger than the usual ones, therefore they are actively used not only in everyday life, but in the restaurant business.

To rationalize plumbing costs, experts advise to take into account the following factors that help you choose the most convenient option:

  • If the working space is limited, or in the kitchen a compact sink, it is better to buy for her a small kitchen faucet with a minimum set of functions. The medium or small length of the hose allows you to easily wash even large items. It should be borne in mind that this model is able to fully serve one and several bowls at once.
  • If large or section sinks are installed in the kitchen, in such conditions a semi-professional mixer with a retractable watering can is obviously useful. A long hose is needed to fully process large volumes of food and dishes, to keep the bowls clean, and due to the strong pressure you can quickly get rid of sand and dirt.

The second modification will ideally fit into the space, decorated in a modern modernist style.



An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of flexible performance

The pros and cons of the mixers under consideration can be identified on the basis of feedback from users who have already acquired ultra-modern sanitary ware. According to the opinion of the real owners of the product have the following positive characteristics:

  • kitchen faucet with retractable watering can expand the area of ​​direct access to water;
  • you can easily switch the shower to the jet and back without being distracted by additional manipulations;
  • water supply parameters are comprehensively regulated (from temperature to spout height);
  • You can fill several containers without putting them alternately in the sink.



In this case, it is impossible to ignore the significant drawbacks:

  • these types of products have a high cost, they are much more expensive than their traditional "fellow";
  • some models are very difficult to maintain: users fall into a stupor, not knowing how to clean lime, fat and mud deposits, food particles from the spring;
  • specific appearance is not always appropriate (here we have in mind the inconsistency with the overall style of the kitchen).

The advantages clearly outweigh, because improved faucets are becoming more popular every year.



Experienced users emphasize that for washing surfaces it is best to use gentle compounds and gels, plumbing should be treated with a soft sponge, any abrasives and aggressive chemicals should be excluded. The more often the sanitization will be carried out, the less likely the formation of unpleasant plaque.



The main sign of comfort in the kitchen area is the convenience of the location of key components. One of them is a mixer with a retractable watering can, avoiding such phenomena as the accumulation of mountains of dirty dishes, discomfort in the lower back due to the low location of the crane. If you choose between the low cost of plumbing and your own well-being, the first is clearly more important, then it's time to introduce an improved outflow!