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Children's birthday design ideas: is it easy to make a holiday with your own hands? (60 photo)


All adults, of course, know which holidays for children are the most beloved, desired and expected. This is the New Year and birthday. And if children have to share Christmas and Christmas holidays with adults, then they want to celebrate their birthday in such a way as to remember it for many years, because this is only their day, the only one in a year and unique in all subsequent life.







You can, of course, order a cafe and invite professionals to conduct children's parties, or you can celebrate the child's birthday at home and prepare everything yourself, from the design of the room to the entertainment program. What is needed to ensure that the good mood and atmosphere of the holiday did not leave your child and his guests all his birthday? The main thing is preparation.




Those parents who have already had to prepare themselves for the celebration of the birth of their child know that in order for everything to succeed and nothing in preparation for the holiday was missed, it is necessary to make a list. And this list should include:

  • selection of a birthday theme;
  • invitation for guests;
  • room decoration;
  • registration of a children's table for birthday;
  • entertainment;
  • gifts for guests.

All ideas for decorating a child’s birthday should be considered and discussed at the family council.




Before you start decorating your home for a birthday party, you need to decide on the theme, because the decor of the interior of the room where the celebration will take place depends on the theme. The topic, in turn, depends on the sex and age of the child.

  • Themes cartoon characters. These themes are suitable for the youngest children. Design ideas can be spied on the Internet, and you can think of yourself. For children under the age of three, it is best to decorate the interior with not very bright colors, and for decoration to use objects that are safe for that age. Even an ordinary balloon, bursting, can frighten a baby, and therefore you need to be very careful when choosing a themed decor.
  • For older children (from 3 to 7 years), you can choose the theme of not only cartoon characters, but also the theme of "young technician" or "young traveler." At this age, all kids are curious, and decorating the interior with letters, formulas or maps, you can attract children to educational games. Decor for decoration should be chosen as varied in structure (paper, plastic, fabric), and in color. The brighter the colors, the higher the mood of the little guests.
  • For teens, holiday themes can be more diverse and give a huge flight of fancy for decoration. However, even taking into account the temperament and wishes of the birthday man, it is still worth adhering to a more calm and concise color solutions in the interior design. It is better not to use “baby” elements of decoration and decoration, because at the age of 12–15, children feel already quite old.

As you can see, much depends on the theme of the birthday and age of the child in the design of the children's birthday. However, not only age, but gender also affects how the festive interior and the festive table will be decorated.









Girls and boys - they are so different in their age and temperament, which means that their themes will be different. For a boy's birthday, it is best to design a room in a maritime style, a space travel style or “policemen and thieves”, where the main colors will be blue, blue, black, white, gold and gray.






Girls more to beautiful princesses, fairies and fairy kingdoms, and therefore when you make a design, you should take into account the delicate white and pink theme of the decor. You can also use brighter ones - red, green, blue and yellow. Everything will depend on the age of the children and the theme of the birthday.

Teens, as a rule, arrange joint holidays parties, and therefore the color design will depend on the theme. Black, white, red, beige, blue and green are the main colors in the birthday decor for teens. Decorative elements can serve as photographs, paper crafts, balloons, Chinese lanterns, and garlands.




When the birthday theme is chosen, the very first thing that needs to be done, setting the goal of decorating a birthday with your own hands, is to make invitations for guests. You can, of course, find themed invitations in the store, you can find them on the Internet and print them out, but it’s better to make the invitations yourself, because the most original invitations are obtained when the children themselves take part in their production.




Another element of the design of children's birthday with their own hands, can be crafts for children. This design option is not the most expensive, because hand-made crafts can serve not only as a thematic design, but also as incentive prizes in the competition program, where guests themselves will choose their favorite gift.









Registration of the room for children's birthday

Making a child's birthday (if you spend it at home) in the budget plan is cheaper, but in order to implement the idea of ​​themed decoration of the room with your own hands, it will take time - about a month. What can decorate the room?

  • Photozone design. The photo zone is necessary so that children are photographed not against the background of cabinets and the holiday table, but against the background corresponding to the theme of the birthday. To decorate a photo zone, you can use any interior elements. The main thing is that the zone "is not illuminated" during photographing. You can decorate the photo zone with various original decorations: colored fans, Chinese lanterns, pompoms, paper ribbons, etc.
  • Room decoration. You can, of course, arrange not only the room where the holiday will take place, but the whole house, but then you have to work with the whole family. But how guests will be amazed, when at the entrance they will be greeted by a hall decorated with balloons or multi-colored paper ribbons. For decoration, you can make different decorations out of colored paper together with your child: asterisks, flags, balloons-honeycombs. You can decorate the whole room with large flowers of paper, and you can garlands with colorful lanterns or letters. It all depends on the theme of the holiday and your imagination.
  • Registration of a children's table. A festive table is also an element of decor, and it should be designed according to the festive theme and the age of the children who will come to visit. Do not forget that children are children, and they love everything bright and colorful, and therefore bright tablecloth shades, napkins and white disposable tableware with thematic pattern will look harmoniously in the decor of the festive room. In order to attract the little guests and seat them at the festive table, you can place a small souvenir in the form of a toy animal-superheroes or a little fairy near each plate, if it is the birthday of a girl. So that the little ones know who is sitting where and where, you can make origami animals from napkins and arrange them into plates.

When you make a room you need to remember that children are curious and restless and it is difficult to keep them in one place for a long time, and therefore you need to take care of the area for a birthday entertainment program.