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Choosing the perfect mirror in the bathroom: a review of models and variations of use (63 photos)


This important attribute helps to carry out the usual manipulations - to wash, brush your hair, apply makeup or shave. However, despite the obvious hygienic component, many in the matter of how to choose a mirror in the bathroom, put at the center of the design of the product and its compatibility with the overall stylist of the room.

In order to purchase an up-to-date, comfortable and concise bathroom mirror, you should stick to the "golden mean" - look for a functional design that fits exactly with the amount of free space that will be well combined with decoration, bathroom fixtures and other furniture.






Key criteria for species division

Modern bathroom design allows the use of three groups of products, formed by the following parameters:

  • Depending on the functionality and dimensions, manufacturers offer small and large mirrors, simple hinged and fitted with shelves, as well as built into the furniture for the bathroom.
  • By color solutions and forms.
  • By design features and design specifics.

Finally, another side, but no less important indicator - the material and shape of the frame.





Available sizes

Domestic and foreign brands supplying furniture to the profile market for rooms with a high level of humidity offer various types of mirrors to the bathroom - in order to choose the best option, it is enough to measure the space above the sink. If the priority is non-standard dimensions, they can be realized by ordering a product with the necessary parameters.

In small-sized rooms, 2 compact models are often installed - such mirrors in the interior of the bathroom serve as additional windows that reflect artificial light and visually expand the space. If you want to decorate in such a way the space above the bathroom, it is better to give preference to a horizontal reflecting surface.






Features of the functional and additional features

Auxiliary functionality, of course, will affect the cost of the product, but it will turn the use of the object into a more comfortable process:

  • designs containing a magnifying glass. Here, the transformed reflection helps to shave more carefully, apply makeup;
  • models with built-in sockets, especially if the choice fell on a bathroom mirror with lighting, allows you to carry out all the hygienic manipulations in comfortable conditions.

As a rule, in such cases the shelf is located separately, just below the reflecting array.




Choosing the optimal shape of the product

Modern interiors in the sanitary rooms of apartments and private houses allow the use of mirrors of any shape, however, the most common are the following variations:

  • the round bathroom mirror is chosen by both supporters of the classical style and adherents of more modern modernist styles;
  • oval models, located vertically, visually elevate the ceiling, perfectly in tune with a single sink;
  • A rectangular mirror, depending on its size and free area, can be hung both horizontally and vertically.

Figured (for example, wave-shaped) and corner mirrors for a bathroom are used for arranging non-standard interiors, as a rule, these are rooms of large quadrature (this condition is relevant for the first solution).






The specifics of the introduction of lighting

Lighting is one of the key components by which hygienic and cosmetic procedures flow quickly, comfortably and comfortably. The light should be moderately bright, it is also important that it does not distort the image. The built-in function can be standard white, you can meet models with blue, red, yellow radiation.







This element of decoration is not always used, as in minimalist interiors priority is given to simplicity of forms and the absence of massive decorative additions. You can use the following types of frames:

  • baguette;
  • wooden;
  • bronze;
  • imitating tile;
  • gold or silver plated;
  • plastic.

The latter option is increasingly used in modern style solutions, because besides the obvious cheapness, it attracts by the variety of available geometries and textures. From the noble wooden and metal foundations perform designer frames - the original and perfectly fit into a rich setting.




The unusual appearance or the availability of functional additions allows you to choose among the undoubtedly beautiful products the most successful for a particular interior. Some striking constructive solutions can be cited as vivid examples:

  • corner mirror with a shelf for the bathroom is suitable for a compact usable space, the shelf is able to replace the hinged furniture;
  • built-in accessories for mirrors, such as cup holders, coasters. The bathroom mirror cabinet enters this category - the useful space is naturally hidden by the reflective surface;
  • Retractable models are adapted for cosmetic procedures, they consist of three parts, separated from the wall.

Anti sweat lines equip with heating function. On the back of the products you can see the reflective foil, coupled with the lighting.






The film having a mirror surface is easily glued to the wall, it can replace the glass model. Such a decision would be appropriate for any style of the room, and the film does not require time-consuming care.

Mirror tile - another universal design option, it can finish the floor, walls or ceiling, used in combination with tile. Corner structures (such as a bath or shower) can be decorated with mirrored mosaic tiles.




When deciding how to decorate a mirror in the bathroom, you should pay attention to small accessories, with which you can achieve an unusual design, the original design of the central element of the interior. Experts suggest using several win-win techniques:

  • The frame, complemented by beads, rhinestones, fabric decorations, moisture-resistant stickers. Such trifles are best planted on the glue-moment, so that when installing the mirror, they do not crumble;
  • mosaic, for example, ceramic. You can create a neat frame of debris of various tiles, assemble a frame from pieces of different colors and textures;
  • the painting is both independent and with the use of patterned decals.

If you want to paint the mirror yourself, you should stock up with brushes, stencils, acrylic paints and lacquer fixer.






Basic criteria for choosing a bathroom mirror

Before buying, it is advisable to pay attention to a few points:

  • the functionality and practicality of the model - this circumstance is important for compact rooms that need disguised storage areas;
  • quality characteristics - no chips, scratches, flaws, dull display or distortion;
  • reliability and completeness of fastening;
  • compliance of the form and external execution with the overall design of the room.

The mirror should give a clear picture, if it has embedded lighting, the last element should be uniform and not sharp for the eyes (otherwise it will be unpleasant in the morning to use it).




When deciding how to hang a mirror in the bathroom, you need to take into account the specifics of the accessory and the special features of the room. Experts give several ways:

  • with the use of tile glue. This technique is feasible only at the stage of repair in the room, the thickness of the element must match the parameters of the tile. If you have to change the "window", it will most likely break when dismantled. In this manner, mirror tile is fixed;
  • on the mounting tape. In this case, the easiest way is to fix the element on the wall with your own hands - when the repair is already completed and you don’t want to destroy the integrity of the tile in the bathroom, the additional component can be fixed to a special waterproof mirror tape;
  • at the expense of screws - holes should be provided for them in the frame;
  • a hanging mirror is most convenient to install, since its design is quite variable and versatile.

If space allows the room, and there is no desire to interfere with the already formed wall decoration, you should use the mobile offer - a floor model created specifically for a room with a high humidity level. The only negative - impressive dimensions of the product.