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Table decor - simple and original (20 photos)


The table, of course, is always in the center of any interior. Dimensions and shape of the product are absolutely unimportant: it can be a miniature table on the terrace or a bulky writing desk in the study. Over the years, the furniture loses its presentable appearance, but the table decor can be easily updated by breathing new life into it.



Types of decoration

Update dilapidated table in several ways. Among the most popular are the following:

  • traditional painting;
  • art painting;
  • decoupage (paper or cloth);
  • mosaic tiles, mirrors or glass;
  • the use of shells and other natural material.

The choice depends on the interior of the room in which there will be a table, as well as the availability of the necessary material. By choosing the right technique and armed with determination, you can get to work. By completing the decor of the table with your own hands, you are guaranteed to get the original interior detail, and maybe a real work of art.

This technique, one of the most simple and common, but still requires accuracy and care. The initial stage, one of the most laborious and dusty, is polishing. It is necessary to completely get rid of the old coating. The work is carried out in two stages. First, the processing of fine-grained, and then coarse sanding paper.

In order for the decor of the old table to be uniform, it is necessary to eliminate all defects of the table top. Clean the surface from dust and carefully inspect it. All found chips and cracks seal with wood putty. After drying putty, grind the surface again.



At the next stage - degreasing and priming. It is necessary that the paint lay evenly and well kept. You can use shellac or alkyd primer. Cover better in two layers. After the primer has dried (approximately 24 hours), sand the surface again with a sanding sponge or sandpaper.

That came the most pleasant and crucial moment - painting.

Choose paint only from approved manufacturers, especially if you are decorating the dining table. The surface must endure frequent contact with water, shocks and more. Perfectly suitable for water-based enamel alkyd paint or acrylic paint.

Pay attention and brush, it should not disintegrate in the process.

Create an exclusive design, emphasize the individuality of the interior will help painting. It is enough to show a little imagination and have two contrasting colors of paints. It is not necessary to be an artist to draw an image - use templates and stencils. They can be bought in the decor shop, found on the global Internet or made independently.

The further process is performed similarly to the previous one. Wood is trimmed, primed, sanded and covered with a base coat of paint (for example, white). Then a stencil is laid on the dried surface. Stencilled drawing in contrasting color. When the paint is dried stencil can be removed, and if necessary, bring the elements with a brush. In this way, you can decorate your desktop or any other furniture.




The technique of applying paper or cloth to the surface of a wooden or glass table is called decoupage. This method allows you to decorate the table with flowers, abstract patterns, landscapes or other motifs.

The surface of the product is cleaned, primed, ground and coated with paint. The painted table is coated with glue, and the image is superimposed on top. For decoration, you can use decoupage cards, paper napkins, remnants of wallpaper, photos, cloth patches. It all depends on your imagination and interior room.

The reverse decoupage looks very original. The image is applied to the glass bottom of the table from the inside. The surface of the pattern will be well protected from mechanical damage and moisture.

The dried product is varnished in several layers.



With the help of decoupage, you can turn a dilapidated table into a stylish, original or vintage. To give the furniture an aged look, you must use a special craquelure varnish. When drying, the surface cracks, thin cobwebs create a chaotic pattern.

To create a harmonious ensemble, the pattern can be performed on table legs, chairs and furniture fronts. The interior will look complete and well thought out.

The original decor of the coffee table can be made with the help of an old colorful shawl. The product will be a real decoration of the cottage veranda or garden. Another advantage of decoupage is the ability to hide furniture defects. If you choose the right decor options, ugly chips and cracks can be turned into a zest. A little decay is relevant for the style of Provence and vintage.




Decoration of the garden or kitchen table mosaic - this is a special kind of decor. Externally, the chaotic conglomeration of small fragments requires an elaborate layout. The material for this method of decorating can be bought in a specialized shop (grid mosaic tile) or made independently from the remains of glass tile and mirrors.

Novice decorators should start with simple designs. The process requires special care and accuracy. Cover the tabletop with paint, then grease the area of ​​the coating with glue and lay a fragment of the tile, pressing it a little. In the same way lay out the entire pattern. The joints between the details of the mosaic must be patched with a special grout, and then the remains of it should be washed off the surface.

Such an original table can be safely put in the garden. The table top is perfectly preserved under the influence of precipitation and sunlight.

For fans of eco-interiors decor decor coffee or desktop with their own hands using natural materials. Shells, stones, chestnuts, dried leaves, bamboo and other gifts of nature will help to create an original table design.

On the edge of the tabletop fasten thick bamboo sticks. We decorate the ends of the table-top with a twine, you can arrive with nails or glue with hot glue. Cover the entire structure with varnish. Inside the table lay out beautiful shells, stones, corals or other marine elements. The whole structure is covered with glass on the size of the table.



In the same way, you can decorate using floral elements, pre-dried buds and inflorescences. You will not find such a product anywhere else.

Creating beautiful things is simple, the main thing is a little imagination and desire. With very little effort, you can decorate your home interior with an original and stylish table. Experiment and success will be provided.