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Room for a boy: choose the finish, furniture, decor and themes (55 photos)


Designing a room for a boy is an exciting activity that carries a large share of responsibility. Children's is necessary not only to perform functional tasks. In it, the boy will create, play, dream and communicate with peers. All items and materials must be environmentally friendly and safe. In the matter of the design of the room of a child over three years old, one must take into account his interests and desires.






Zoning room

Proper zoning of a child’s room for a boy helps to create a functional room. Usually the children's room for a boy is divided into three parts:

  • Bedroom.
  • Rest zone.
  • Work zone.

The bedroom should be located as far as possible from the window. This is especially important for children under two years of age. How to do this if the features of the room do not allow - to use a canopy or a screen. It is recommended to place only a bed in this area.

The territory for the games need any child. She is settled on the age of the boy. The place where he will rest should be well lit and have a large area. The work area is allocated in the room for preschoolers and older boys. In it, the child will sculpt, draw and learn. It is better to place it near the window.






Wallpaper selection

When buying wallpaper you need to follow the following rules:

  • Security. Important hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness of the material. In its composition should not be impurities.
  • Colour. Wallpaper in the children's room for boys choose in a calm palette. They can be colorful drawings and ornaments. You can choose two colors at once, if they are in harmony with each other.
  • The age of the child. Calm wallpapers are suitable for babies. In the student's room, you can stick wallpaper with a bright pattern, and a teenager - neutral.

Wallpaper will help support the design of the room. The main thing is that they contribute to the proper development and formation of the personality. In the room a small child can buy washable wallpaper. The walls will sometimes have to test their master's creative abilities.

The color of the wallpaper for the boy’s children's room is selected based on the design of the room. Of great importance is its location relative to the cardinal points. For example, a room in the northern part of the house will be “warmed” by wallpapers of warm colors.

Accent wall can be decorated with wallpaper, imitating a stone, brick or wood. For the zoning of the room are ideal wallpaper. In a newborn's room, it is better to stick paper or cork wallpaper, as they are made of natural materials. If you intend to paint the walls in the nursery many times, then buy liquid or non-woven wallpaper. Vinyl is suitable if you are going to repair the children's room for a teenage boy.








What should be the ceiling in the nursery?

The ideal solution for the ceiling in the nursery will be simplicity. It is better if it is white and smooth, without multi-tiered structures and fancy chandeliers. The child will grow rapidly, his tastes are changing rapidly, and constantly reworking the ceiling is rather difficult.

If such difficulties of parents do not frighten and want to realize the original layout of the children's room, then the main focus can be made on the ceiling. For the basis of thematic design take your favorite boyish themes - space, cars, sky, sea. Not necessarily the entire surface should be devoted to the topic, enough light hints.






Unusual look different decorative suspensions. They can be easily removed when changing the style of the room. On the ceiling in the children's boy you can hang the plane, the globe, the model of the planets. Chandelier can also be themed, for example, in the form of a rocket, ball or motorcycle.




Sex in the nursery for a boy

The main requirements for the floor in the nursery:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Fire safety;
  • Ease of care.

The following floorings are suitable for them:

  • laminate;
  • linoleum;
  • PVC tiles;
  • cork floor;
  • soft floor.

According to orthopedists, the best option of the proposed is cork floor. The springy surface of the material contributes to the proper distribution of the load on the child's skeleton. It is undesirable to install an electrically heated floor in the room for the boy. It forms an electromagnetic background harmful to the development of the boy.




Children love to play on the floor, so you need to lay a carpet on it. It will protect from the cold, drown out the noise from the games and make the place for games more comfortable. Carpet in the nursery for the boy must be hypoallergenic and have a non-slip backing. From materials better suited:

  • wool;
  • foamed polypropylene;
  • acrylic;
  • polyamide.

Small rugs are good for dividing into zones. They must be made in the same style. For a spacious room choose rectangular mats, and for small - oval or round. For kids, you can choose a carpet with a pattern, for example, with the image of the road. Older boys get a neutral item in the room or a hobby that reflects it.




A place to sleep is chosen suitable for the height and age of the child. It is better if there is a pull-out compartment for storing a blanket during the day and a blanket at night. Much attention is paid to the choice of mattress. It is advisable to purchase orthopedic. It will allow the growing body to take proper position during sleep. In extreme cases, you can buy a sofa in the nursery for boys.


The table is chosen in strict accordance with the growth of the child. The kid can buy a simple plastic table and chair that he can move without the help of an adult. Older boy buying a desk. In order not to constantly change products due to the growth of the child and to maintain his posture, it is recommended to buy a table that is adjustable in height.


The wardrobe in the nursery for the boy should be roomy with a lot of regular and retractable shelves. It is important that all items and clothing take their place. This will teach the child to maintain order and sort things out. The design of the cabinet should please the boy so that he would quickly want to “make friends” with him.




Curtains in the nursery

Curtains in a nursery for the boy get easy and simple in leaving. Laconic design is welcomed so that dust does not accumulate in folds and decorative elements. The fabric should be dense, especially if lanterns shine through the window at night. They choose such a construction of curtains so that the boy can manage them independently.

Less electrifying and gathering dust cotton and linen products. If the choice fell on synthetics, then it should be of high quality. Curtains can be simple style or combined with roller blinds.

Room decoration

Creating a cozy and stylish room is impossible without decorative elements. If a small child lives in it, then soft toys will be the decoration. They will not only create a special atmosphere, but will be of interest to the boy.

The room of the preschooler can be decorated with crafts. From this, the room will acquire a unique style and make the child's desire to develop in creativity. In the room for a schoolboy or teenager boy, functional decor should prevail. Here they use designer things that can be used daily - a lamp, curtains, pillows, etc. It is advisable in the issue of decoration to listen to the desires of the child.



Room decoration according to age

Up to 3 years

The room is decorated in bright colors. To highlight accents use bright toys or vinyl stickers. Cabinet furniture for a child’s room for a boy should be free from sharp corners and complicated interior elements so that the child does not get hurt when learning to walk.

The little boy does not have any specific preferences, therefore the thematic design of the children's room for the boy is inappropriate for the time being. The main thing is that it has a comfortable bed and a nice thick rug for games.

3-5 years

At this age, the boys are very inquisitive. A brighter children's room is appropriate here. The child begins to manifest itself in the works, therefore, for this, it is necessary to allocate space. In a spacious room you can install accessories for gymnastics - rope, wall bars, rings. Most of the time the baby will play. It is necessary to take into account this fact when designing the room.




School age

A children's room for a schoolboy is designed to take into account that the boy, aged 7-8 years old, still willingly plays with toys, but already begins to perform certain duties. He has to do his homework, he spends a lot of time on training. During such a period, it is important to separate the work area from the play area. Then the children's room for a boy of 7 years and older will be adapted for comfortable learning.


A teenage boy has well-defined interests, tastes and perspectives on life. In drawing up the design you need to rely only on his desires. Adolescence is characterized by rapid growth of the body. Properly chosen furniture is of great importance: a bed, a table, a mattress.

Children's room for a teenager boy is designed in such a way that her part is devoted to a hobby. When making a brutal style, one wall can be styled with wallpaper for brickwork or stone. To create a modern design using wallpaper with a photo print with the image of graffiti and comics. Teens love dark and dark colors. They will help to dilute the bright things, accessories and pictures in the nursery.




Children's room design ideas for a boy

Sea theme

Children's room in the marine style like any boy. The blue palette is great for decorating such a room. Marine decor, pirate paraphernalia and ship elements will cause great delight among young travelers. You can buy a bed in the form of a boat, and hang a clock in the shape of a steering wheel on the wall. The role of the storage box can play a chest.

Sport style

Almost every boy has a love for a particular sport. It can be beat in the design of the room. Images of logos of favorite teams, sports equipment and balls on posters and pictures will be appropriate. In such a room the boy will be comfortable. A reminder of your favorite sport will charge your child with positive energy. If he is engaged in any sport, then you need to think about the placement of the shelf for cups and awards.







All boys love the technique: cars, tanks, tractors, etc. With them there are many interesting design ideas. The bed is chosen in the shape of a car. They buy it ready-made or make their own hands. You can style the bed as a racing car using a flag cage. She may be present on the cabinet, bedside table and textiles.

Features of the planning room for two children

The room for two children is drawn up on the basis of its area. If it is small, then a bunk bed, one large writing table and a wardrobe will help out. Furniture for the children's room for the two boys are selected with the expectation that two children will simultaneously use it. This rule is not subject to a place to sleep and nightstand for personal trifles.




The design of the children's room for two large-sized boys is planned in such a way that each has their own personal territory. If the boys get along well, then everything can be shared. Then the premises are divided into three zones, as for one child.

How to make a small nursery?

When planning the design of a small children's room will have to be smart. Children's room for a boy of 12 square meters. m. and less visually increased through various techniques. It is necessary to maximize every square meter. The interior of the children's room for the boy is performed in light shades, not forgetting the bright accents.




You can move the radiator to create a working area right by the window. If the room has high ceilings, then the bed in the nursery is placed on the podium. Place under it is used to store bed linen and clothing. You can purchase a multifunctional wall. Such furniture for a small children's room of the boy will allow to combine several zones at once in a pair of square meters.

When choosing items and materials for the children's room, you need to be guided not by their beauty and value, but by the benefits they bring to the child. Do not overload the room with lots of details. The design should be interesting, but at the same time restrained and concise.